Is there any way to update the flow creds encryption key outside of the editor?


I am about to do an update on a remotely deployed node-red instance. I can only access the command line of the machine running node-red, so no editor access. If I ever need to change the flow credentials key for the project, or disable encrypted credentials, can that be done anywhere outside of the editor?

Thanks in advance!

Why not? Have you disabled the editor? Have you closed access to port 1880?

Well--that's a good point. I guess I haven't fully explored what is possible with the remote machine. I should say, the machine hosting node-red is not on the local network. It is remotely deployed and I can only access it with a special remote-assist tool we put on the machine that establishes an SSH tunnel for command line access.

This is a topic beyond a node-red I'm sure. But if anyone has had experience or suggestions with accessing 1880 on a device not on the local network, I'd be appreciative.

If you were using FlowFuse and the FlowFuse device agent on the remote device, this would be a no brainer. It gives you the ability to manage and administer and edit flows remotely (all secured). full disclosure, I work for FlowFuse as well as being a maintainer of Node-RED

Hey Steve, thanks for the info. I don't know much about FlowFuse but seems tailor made for this case. I'll dig deeper into it as a long term option for maintaining the devices fleet.

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