Issue with http-logger under docker


  • NR in Docker port 1880
  • HTTP-logger listening
  • http request node to GET /myservice flanked with inject and debug nodes
  • http in + http response node to provide GET /myservice, just connected


  • Browser call to localhost:1880/myservice works OK
  • Push on inject node to request myservice in node-red does not create a logger response and node-red process crashes to dead

I am utter amateur so no idea what is going on. But when I removed http-logger, my simple set-up worked perfectly. I guess http-logger and docker image for Node-red are not compatible??

Hi Eelco,
There are other issues reported with my http logger. I had to use unfortunately some obscure third-party stuff under the cover, so it might indeed not work in all cases. And yes I have never used it under Docker...

Hi Bart,
Thanks for your fast response!
It is really a pity you had to go obscure and I take your message as "do not expect quick fix". In more native mode it was very nice to see the traffic out of node-red on the netwerk side.

I am switching to Docker in attempt to escape Node-Red on Windows hell. I guess I need to mature a bit in selecting my Docker images...

Yes it was like 'female' kind of hint :thinking:
I don't say that I don't want to fix anything, but I don't want to start setting up Docker and all kind of stuff simply to test it. Under the hood I use the node-mitm library, and I haven't been using it anymore meanwhile. So it would take me too much time to investigate, since I have forgotten how its internal mechanism works...

But perhaps you can try the test program that Andri Möll provided me at the time being. I means simply put the code into a mytest.js file and test it with node mytest.js, both on native Windows NodeJs and inside your Docker container. If it works in Windows and not in Docker you could raise an issue, and hopefully Andri can help you with Docker. And if you would find a solution, I would be happy to integrate it into my node for you!

P.S. I assume you are running the same NodeJs version on Windows and inside your Docker container? Otherwise it would be less easy to compare both...


Thanks for suggestion but I have to pass. I am more a mash-up guy than an engineer. To go "under the hood" is really way above my level. Perhaps in a few years...

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