Issue with rpi keyboard node

Dear all,
I have been having issues with the rpi keyboard node. From time to time it stops work, i.e the status changes to the red dot.
Then I just do whatever update in the flow, e.g. just move a node one pixel up and deploy the flow, and the keyboard is again ready.
My actual keyboard connected to my raspberry pi zero W is not a keyboard, but a standard rfi card reader. Otherwise I have a normal 2,5V power supply. Any ideas, what may be causing the node to stop, or any ideas to circumvent it?

Per the official Raspberry Pi foundation website:

The power supply requirements differ by Raspberry Pi model. All models require a 5.1V supply, but the current supplied generally increases according to model.

Take a read here:

Yeah - looks like it doesn't actually retry to connect if the underlying process fails... pushed a fix as v1.2.3

I meant 2.5 A , sorry for then confusion. In any case, dceejay, thanks for pushing the fix!!

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