Issue: zoom keyboard shortcut ctrl+[-] and ctrl+[0] not working

HI all,
i use keyboard shortcut to zoom in, with ctrl + [=]
when i want to zoom out with ctr + or [0] there is no response !?

I'm in chrome Browser and Nodered v0.20.5

Did you see the same ?

Working ok for me on Ubuntu 18.10. What OS are you running the browser in?

i'm on WIN 10 (1809) , chrome 74.0.3729.169
I use Node-Red-Desktop [ANNOUNCE] Node-RED Desktop v0.8.8 Released, and this is the same issue .

Thanks to @sakazuki, i have to do this trick to zoom out :

How to fix.

Open %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Node-RED-Desktop\Preferences

Edit "" 's value to "0.0"

 "partition": {
   "per_host_zoom_levels": {
     "5784206245549279452": {
       "": -6
Restart Node-RED-Desktop

@Colin : can you test on WIN10 ?

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Nope, I don't use Win.

Ctrl+ and - working fine on my Win10 machine using Chrome with both 0.20.5 and 1.0 beta

And in Node-RED Desktop 0.8.8

@cymplecy : do y ou use this key shortcut ? Me yes .

@sakazuki : what do you think about Cymplecy working Ctrl+ and - ?

No - I use the ones next to the numbers below the function keys

However, the + and - you use work fine for me in Chrome but don't work in Node-RED desktop

Ok, yes, in Chrome, zoom + and - works, but you increase or decrease the complete page! In the same way as Ctrl + roulette.

While these shortcuts Ctrl + or [=] and Ctrl - must zoom only, the nodes in the flow (the workspace).

And there, it does not work for me!