It is possble to use external libraries (CDN) in HTML

I'm currently creating a custom node.
And, I need to use xml parsing library in HTML.
I will use the library below.
fast-xml-parser (cdn)

I try to use this library using cdn like this,


but I can't use it...

It is possble to use external libraries (CDN) in HTML?
If so, how can I use external libraries in HTML?

Thanks for reading.


As you have done - though it would be helpful if you shared the surrounding HTML context so that we can check whether it is correct.

1st thing to check is in the dev tools in your browser to see if node-red actually loaded that library.

If it did, then it implies that you need to look again at how to use the library.

BTW, using a CDN for a custom node is OK for testing but a bit of an anti-pattern for deployment since not all devices will have access to the Internet when running. At the least, you should make it clear in your README that the node has a dependency on the Internet.

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