Iterate subflow properties

Is the set of subflow properties available inside the subflow? It would be helpful if I could access the property env var names as an array of keys or similar in a function node. I need to load all the env var keys and values into a message property in order to pass them to a Dashboard 2 ui-template for access in the browser.

I guess this is not possible since no-one has volunteered a solution.

Hi Colin, no, unlike context, there is not a helper function for enumerating keys.

I dont think having this (for subflows) would be a risk (security wise) but it would need to be scoped to the parent/owner subflow instance only.

Lets see if Nick or Dave comments and perhaps this (or something that facilitates this) could be made into a Feature Request.

OK, thanks Steve. For me this is (hopefully) a short term requirement only, as I believe it is intended that an automatic way of accessing subflow properties from a ui-template will be provided at some point. So maybe not worth worrying about at the moment.