It's a beginner's question (form to button)

I want the contents of the button to be taken from the form.

The layout line is fixed.
the result should be as follows. (VeriT and VeriN fields from ui form node);

    "layout": "Test",
    "data": {
        "VeriT": "Node-Red",
        "VeriN": "2019"

Thanks in advance

I think - and I have been told that is dangerous - you want to display text which is arriving from form. Correct?

Then you need to open the button's configuration and put something like this:

In this example the text display is in msg.payload.

That is the default.

But you can change that to just about anything you want.

Does that help?

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Thank you for your answer Andrew.Yes from form,however, as follows;

I'd like to do a type merge operation.As in the picture below.

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The data in the blue lines must be constant.The data in the red lines must come from the form.Finally, both data must be combined.
Maybe there's a simple solution.But i'm new to Node-Red...
I'm trying to create a record on a file on the server on FileMaker.

Not a problem.

First off I think there is a bit of confusion.

I'll explain what I see and then you tell me where I am wrong. (Which is usually how things work with me)

The blue parts are constants. The red are variables.
To help me better understand the message, feed that into a debug node and in that node, edit it's properties to show the whole message - rather than only the msg.payload.

That will go a long way to bisecting the message object.

Because the way you posted it, it doesn't show the structure - which is crucial when you want to take something apart.

That doesn't make sense as you need too (or more than one) thing to merge. You only showed one.

I'll wait for your reply and we can move from there.

However, it shouldn't be too difficult.

You get a message.
Save some parts of it.
Get another message.
Merge the parts you want together.
Create a new message.
Send it on.