Java script code testing on the fly

Have i overlooked an on the fly code checking feature to execute java statements and test results prior to committing to a node and flow deploy.
What flavour of java is used within node red is there a shell interpreter and if so how do i invoke it?
thanks in advance.

None. Note-red uses javascript and other than in a functrion node, there is no code checking (in the function node you will see some red X's if is finds something wrong with your syntax)

To add to what @zenofmud says, it's JavaScript but in effect there is a kinda 'on the fly' interpreter so to speak...
Open a terminal/CMD window and type node wahlah

Ok so it's not the node red environment but it is JS.

Also, the flavour of us depends on certain factors like the nodejs version installed but it's likely ES6 and potentially some ES7 (someone correct me if I'm wrong)


Anyhow, if I need to test something, I just make a quick copy of the required node(s) and post results to a debug output. It takes seconds to do.

Oh, a thought :bulb: ...
Check out @BartButenaers terminal sidebar node - a shell inside node-red - might be a fair compromise

Thanks @zenofmud I am VERY familiar with the little red crosses that help validate the syntax

I am currently using online tools like the test feature in the w3schools language reference pages and

to translate my basic ideas in psuedo-code into an acceptable format and test out my understanding of the functions and operators employed in the snippets i lift from those more gifted.

I guess i shall just continue to do it that way..

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