Jittery continuous control from dashboard slider


I am using the dashboard slider to control Arduino-servos from node-red. I am noticing that the speed that I move the slider dictates how many values-per-second are output. This causes my servo to jump around significantly. I would like to be able to send continuous and smooth data from the node-red dashboard in real-time, and for the slider not to omit values when I move it faster. Has any one had this problem and found a solution? Are other GUI options, or ways to get continuous mouse data without skipping values when moving quicker. Is there a way to constantly poll the slider value instead of relying on some built-in velocity output function? Any insight into why this is happening would be appreciated.



investigating node-red-contrib-uibuilder...
looks promising so far...



I think it "jumps around" by deliberate design

If the slide generated all the values from a change in position - then that could end up being a LOT of values which could have quite an impact on performance.

I think if you want your servo to move slowly/smoothly from one position to another, then it would be best to feed the slider output to a set of intermediate nodes to perform the smoothing rather than connect it direct to your Arduino



Thanks for the info.
It's unfortunate because most of my work will having real-time smooth control, and the dashboard is so quick for prototyping and generally works / looks really good.

Waiting until the slider decides it's a good time to output a value so I can do a delayed interpolation won't cut it

My current work-around is to use hardware midi control to input smooth values into node-red. This gets the job done smoothly, even if I'm limited to 128 values.



You can accomplish what you desire by not sending the data directly to the servo controller. Instead, have the slider feed into a function node and that will indicate your desired state and the function will send discrete messages to the servo based on a loop.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



I have pushed a small change to the master version to see if it makes a difference. To try it you will need to install dashboard from git rather than npm

cd ~/.node-red
npm i node-red/node-red-dashboard

Let me know if it's an improvement.