Join (Joao) variable from node-red to tasker

Hi there!

I would like to know, that if I have a global variable in my nodered (lets say its named TempValue), how can I send that Global value to my phone in tasker, and use that as a variable there?

Namely, I would want tasker to say (so speak it through the speaker) the global value from my nodered in a sentence, or use it elsewhere, as a variable in tasker.

I already know I can make a function node and leave the join message node empty, and put "msg.text = TempValue, but that only sends the value of that variable. How do I configure it, so it becomes an updateable variable in tasker?

Thank you guys!

Hi - can you post what you've got so far?

Well its almost literally nothing but ok.

global.json (857 Bytes)

You can use that tasker network event server plugin app, and send it a http request with the variable as the payload.

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