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Hi all,

I am running NR v.1.0.3 and think im going crazy.

As far as i remember from earlier versions ~0.15->0.18, whenever i was editing javascript in the function node editor, i could press ctrl-space and get a dropdown with code-templates. Not just keywords, but full code templates with many examples of typical code patterns; for-loops, switch-structures ect.

I cannot find any hotkeys, documentation, config-settings, or anything in this regard. Also I cannot make Internet come up with any information on this.

Is my memory that bad, or is the function removed and nobody talks about it?


You mean like this:
Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 5.30.03 AM
Works for me
NR: v1.0.3
node.js: v12.13.0
Check your keyboard??

That also works for me. I'm missing code templates. It used to be like for example when i type


It came up with multiple prefilled codepattern suggestions like...
switch( expression ) {case x :code block break;...

I am almost 100% certain it worked like that "back in the days"

You mean this I think - the templates are provided via the library feature:


Thank you all for replying...

No i am not thinking of the library. It is called code templates in many editors. In Eclipse it is described here:

I am extremely sure it was a feature in earlier versions of node red. I think i will have to find an earlier version just to prove i am not loosing my mind :slight_smile:

No. @aolsendk is referring to the 'snippets' support in the editor.

I agree, the snippets aren't there in Node-RED 1.0. Snippets are still enabled by default and the snippet files are all there - https://github.com/node-red/node-red/tree/master/packages/node_modules/%40node-red/editor-client/src/vendor/ace/snippets

Ahhh - as I write this I realise what has happened. We introduced a custom version of the standard JavaScript mode for the Function node so it would be aware of the Node-RED specifics. But that mode doesn't include any snippets.

Please raise an issue and we can update the custom mode to include snippets.


Haha, I don't think I ever even noticed them!! :frowning:

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Done.. and thank you for all the great work.

Is code completion available? I don't see it when working with the function node editor.