Just me? Or is the timeout property missing?

I don't see a timeout property?

And when I set the msg.timeout to 30 seconds, it did not work on the first window, but only the second window?

I am trying to do two things...

  1. I don't want the first node notification window to be cancelled by the next notification node window, I believe I got this logic working via use of the simple queue node. :slight_smile:

  2. Have the first notification window honor the set timeout, thus that means the second window needs to queue until the first window is dismissed or timeout expires. Now to figure out why I can't seem to get the timeout to work right.

Feature Request... in node status, if a timeout is set, display a count down via node status for the notification node while active.

The OK cancel popup doesn't have a timeout as it only expects an OK or cancel click. The other popups do.
The design is that a new popup replaces an old one. If you need a sequence then yes do it server side..
We won't add a countdown as the editor is not a dashboard.

Ah, so the documentation should note that exception right? Better yet, can you add timeout for that mode at some point? Would really like to have a timeout option even if it is just a cancel option.

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