Key 'node-red-node-email/email: (en_US)' object not string

Node-RED V0.19.3 running on an Amazon Lightsail Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS instance.

I have a simple flow for testing sending an email that used to work without any error.
However, it is now showing "key 'node-red-node-email/email: (en_US)' returned an object instead of a string.". The email is being sent ok though.

I suspect that some recent "messing about" has caused a problem with the email node not being able to locate it's 61-email.json file containing the en_US language strings.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to look at to see what has got damaged?
Thanks, Richard

Which version of the email node do you have installed ?
At which point and where is it showing that ?
before sending ? during send ? after send ?

The most recent version installed via npm.
The message shows when the node is fired.