Land Mines? NPM 7.7.5? With NR?

Using my test Pi, I tried to upgrade npm to 7.7.5... yes I know this can be ugly, and it was. The actual update was not the issue, but when I did npm install against the package list after deleting node_modules, something I have done often after npm updates, kaboom. Lots of errors, warnings, etc. I restored the environment, and tried npm rebuild, same basic result, with the added issue that a least one dependent module crashed on recompile. Of course rebuild named the module, as it halted. Restore the environment, and am leaving 7.7.5 alone for now. Know this could happen, but thought to ask if anyone else as experimented with npm 7.7.5 with NR?

I've never understood why npm tries to encourage you to do a major version number update independently of a Node.js update as that has so often caused issues in the past. I'll do minor updates directly but not major ones.

I'm generally using Node.js v14 with npm v6 which is what it came with. I'll be sticking with that until it is time to move on to Node v16.

What version of npm were you using before upgrading?

I will have to check the archive configuration, but if memory serves, npm 7.6.x was fine, 7.6.3 I believe. Even node.js at 14.16 seemed fine as well with NR 1.2.9 as far as I have tested. This all crash and burn testing, in that I really expect things to go kaboom given I am pushing it.

The Pi devices I want stable, just run the current official versions of course.

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