Pi - npm 7.18.1 upgrade OK?

The npm update is suggesting I upgrade from 6.14.13 to 7.18.1. I seem to recall trying to upgrade to a version 7 release a ways back and encountered issues. Is node-red on Pi v1.3.5 compatible with and should I upgrade to this npm version?

Assuming that you have installed using the recommended script then you will have a version of npm that matches the nodejs that has been installed, so I advise against upgrading unless you have a good reason.

I did use that script for the initial install but not for updates. I just now ran the script with the --node16 option with the following effect:

npm version changed from OLD: 6.14.13 to NEW: 7.18.1
Node.js version changed from OLD: v12.22.1 to NEW: v16.4.0

All went smoothly and initial testing shows all good.


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