Multiple instances of nodejs and nodered

hi, i describe my problem

I use windows and I have multiple instances of node-red, all of them with their respective NSSM service.

All are version 1.0.6 and my nodejs is v10.15.3

Now I have to create a new node-red instance

nodejs version 10 will be without maintenance in April, so i think i will need to update on this machine to v12

I've been searching the forum and google and found NVM,
is this a solution to my problem?
Does this have any drawbacks?
Is it possible that my version 1.0.6 nodes get corrupted if I update nodejs directly?
what do you think about this?

I would skip 12 and move to V14.

Yes, it can be problematic - search the forum for NVM

No but if there are nodes that are "built" (e.g. serial port) you will need to do npm rebuild - covered many times on the forum - search npm rebuild

PS. backup your flows before starting - not 100% necessary (as they should be un-touched) but provides piece of mind that you can get back to where your started if you mess up.

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thanks for answering

I will do tests on my local machine for safety and so not to break what I have mounted

I'll wait to see what others think before giving your answer as a solution

With nodes that are "built" what do you mean?
For example, I use the OPC UA and mmsql-plus nodes, would anyone be affected at update nodejs?

some NPM modules are "built" (c++ bindings) when installed. They are build based on the nodejs version. So if you upgrade, the bindings will not match & so need to be rebuilt. TBH, its just easier (cleaner) to pretty much start again.

install nodejs
delete node_modules folder
npm install

As for mssql-plus - there is no build step for that node. OPCUA - unsure (I avoid OPCAU as much as possible :slight_smile: )

I think node-red will need to be rebuilt won't it? If so then it will need to be done for all instances whether there are other built nodes or not.

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