[lateral scrollbar] [not present ] [when groups had been fixed]

Hi NR community,

i meet a particular situation.

On my dashboard,i got diferent groups and it's possible to visualize all of them (even the screen down ones) by using the scrolling bar on the right side.
BUT as soon as affect to my groups by template a fix position , the scrolling bar vanish and of course its become impossible to scroll down.

My browser navigator is Edge.

Syntax in my template :

 #Group1_Navigation_cards {
 position: fixed;
 top: 35vh;
 left: 1vw;

I suspect that nobody answered when you posted a very similar question 4 days ago because the CSS you posted does not cause the same problem for us.

Probably you need to show us a sample flow with two dashboard groups, which does have a scrollbar on a reasonable sized screen, and then the CSS which breaks it.

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