[Group Collapsed options select] [Position Fix]

Hi developers,
I have create a dashboard with several groups where options «Allow group to be collapsed » and « Dispaly group name » are enabled.


Each time i use the arrow group for collapsed,each other group are rearrange regarding the position.
From my side,i would like to get them keep the same position.

I tried to solve it by using the following code:


But no issue because by did that i loose the arrow and name group.

Where is my fault please ?

After open group1:

Would like to get group3 in the same position

Dashboard layout is tricky and doesn't let you do such manipulations in easy way. The reason is that even beginner level user will get layout done without any coding. It is powerful enough to rearange groups for different screen sizes with again - no special treatments or coding skills needed. Great stuff.

But that is only one type of layout and zero options.
To make it behave somehow different it takes to overwrite all that behavior and write your own layout rules. It is possible but takes at least intermediate CSS skills.

See this thread, you may find some ideas..


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