Layout has changed

If I dug around I may find a screen shot, but MUSICPI used to be over to the left.

Now it has snuck over to the right.

Yes, I know the padding in the settings.

Tried that. Isn't helping. Though I may not have entered a bit enough number yet.

I'll keep trying but it is frustrating seeing this.

What have you changed that has changed the layout.

I hadn't changed anything between noticing the change.

I tried with the Group spacing and Group padding values to no result.

So one moment it was working and the next it wasn't and you hadn't changed anything. That is unusual.

Did you browser get updated?

Have you tried a different browser?

@Bobo, I suspect that is it!

FF just updated to 86.0

Correct. And as Bobo just indicated/reminded me that the browser updated about the time it happened.

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