Lcd Display in raspberry pi

I have connected the raspberry pi with LCD display through nodred function..

My LCD Display brightness is high so while displaying letters in lcd is not visible.

How to get rid of this issue???? Please Help me to sort out...

if you use a 4x20 LCD display with an I2C interface, there is a blue knob on the small add-on board. With it you can adjust the basic brightness.

I am using 16*4 Display


As I said I use an LCD display 20x4 with an I2C interface.
The I2C interface is the small additional board, which is placed on the back of the display. With the marked blue controller you can adjust the basic brightness.
A 16x4 I do not know, or have no experience with it.


u r not using lcd with i2c directly connecting with raspberry pi and displaying message through nodered

If you are using a HD44780 type display directly connected you should have a small variable resistor to set the brightness - eg like this page

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