1.5" RGB OLED Display & Raspberry Pi

I just bought a 1.5inch RGB OLED Display. It uses a SSD1351 controller.


I wired it like this to my Raspberry Pi 4:

I can run Python code and can confirm that is wired properly and functioning as it should.

I am planing to use it to display info from NodeRed but cannot seem to get it to work. I did find this thread on a different display that looked promising but was not successful. The display remains black with no indication of anything happening.

I have been following this setup:

I am unable to figure out if this particular model of OLED can be used with NodeRed and a Raspberry Pi and if so, what BUS configuration I should use.

Am I on the wrong path?. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

According to its readme... That node connects to the i2c pins, whereas you have yours setup to use the SPI pins

Thank you for your quick response. I followed the manufacturer's pin connections and after checking, you are right. These are SPI wirings. Any idea how I wire for i2c?. Forgive my ignorance. Decided to jump in to learn and have just been following videos and tutorials in the hopes to learn by doing.

I understand now that there are two types of connections. i2c and SPI. My display is SPI. NodeRed needs i2c to send info to a display. I need a new display.

Alternatively your could invoke your python code in an exec node, or have a permanently running python script that you send data to from node red.

Yes the node-red-node-daemon would help with this.
Also some displays do have (tiny) links that may be possible to resolder to switch to i2c mode. (But yes go the python route for now)

Thank you all for your help. Will start using Python.

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