I2C lcd 16*2 and raspberryPi ....Help

i've been attaching the i2c LCD to raspberry, i can only turn off the lcd on and off using msg.action, but while integrating a function , the LCD remains blank.... :upside_down_face:

You haven’t given much information. You haven’t said what the function does, you haven’t told us where it is in your flow we don’t know the version of node-red or node-js, what pi you are using, what os?

When you want help, it’s best to provide enough information so the person - who is volunteering their time to help you - has enough information to help you.

here you can see the raspberry couldnt read the i2c....i tried several functions from other people's flows...i'm using a rasp os + node v 2.1.6+ pi 4

As you say, the pi doesn't see any i2c devices, so it's not a node-red issue.

Probably the raspberry pi forum is the best place to ask for help, but have you enabled i2c in raspi-config?

now the address can be detected ....but the problem remains....no data showsup at the screen

Please start up node-red and copy and paste the startup log in a reply.

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