Leaf signature error on HTTP request node

Hi All,

All of a sudden I am getting UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE error when I use the HTTP node with an HTTPS request. I can see that this was an issue back in 2014, 2016 so I am puzzled why I am seeing this issue right now.
The site I am trying to access looks OK in Chrome. And I have not made any changes to the flow, or node red. It was working OK.
Yesterday there was a power outage and the PI rebooted, but that is all.


I managed to resolve this issue. It was actually part of the http request node documentation. I just had to set this and the signature issues are ignored:
msg.rejectUnauthorized = false;


Hello, resuming an old post.

It's not working for me, I am using an http request node and tried to set this parameter using a change node and a function node.

where did you put it?

You put it in function node before the http request:

msg.rejectUnauthorized = false;
return msg;

That should take care of it.

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