Lidar data reading from Node-Red

Is there any Node-red palette to decode and read Lidar sensor data directly?

Have you searched on

I suspect it will depend on the specific device you are using and what interfaces it provides.

thanks tor the reply. yes but didnt find anything yet.
I need some palette to decode those huge hex data to simple distance values.

Is there a node.js package that you could use to get started?

you might look at using a WeMos with the Lidar connected to it and something like espeasy to communicate between the WeMos and NR

Thanks for the replies. I will consider each solutions. Seems like no direct palette for this job to be done.

I did this with my Botvac once, but it just dumped basically an array of 365 distance values. Then I just built an SVG that plotted all of those distances out from a central point to get a basic shape... but it didn't really work well. To get a good map, you really needed positioning information in addition to the LIDAR to orient the points, as well as do elimination of sensor errors or you just get sort of a spikey ball shape...

i.e., actual interpreting the LIDAR data can give you a basic image, but the real work of getting a good map out of that is a lot more involved.

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I'm using this python library invoked by an EXEC node.

I personally use a VL53L0X2 chip with really good results.

I've used the TCP IN node once to get Lidar data and it quickly made NodeRed unresponsive. You'll have to use Thread Workers to do the number crunching separately and design a way to report the results to a NodeRed node.

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