light control via shelly

Hello Node-RED profils :slight_smile:
I am totally new to this and hope someone can help me.
I am looking for a light control for our camper. I would like to use shellys or similar to dim our lights in the camper via a push button / switch (short push button = light on / light off - long push button dim - brighter / darker).
In the camper we have a 12 V system.
Does anyone have an idea what I need and how I can implement this?
Thanks in advance. I am open to any suggestions.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Your requirements seem to be two-fold.
First, before the second part - integration with NR and actions, like on/off/dim - can be discussed, let us know more about your infrastructure in the camper.

For instance, all shelly devices I am aware of, that are capable of dimming a light buld or LED are AC powered. You stated, that you have a 12V (DC?) infrastructure. Is that correct? What type is your infrastructure using (existing switches, bulbs and dimmers/LEDs)...AC, DV Voltage Level (12V?).

Hi @ChrisF
Is your question related to node-RED?
If not, Shelly have their own support forum - Forum - Offizielles Shelly Support Forum where you should get better product support.
If it is node-RED related, please provide more details about how you intend to use node-RED to control it (12 volt supply?)

The only shelly that will dim 12v dc is the rgbw dimmer.

  • Support any 12v or 24v White, RGB, RGBW led strips and 12/24v led bulbs, with up to 288W combined power.

you could link it direct with a shelly 1 if you have 12v at switch position. If not a shelly button1.

Ahhh...right, I forgot that the rgbw2 exists.
Now the next question is, if you need NR at all or if the requested features/"gestures" aren't part of the shelly solution ecosystem (the App) already.

I have a 12 V DC system. My LEDs are all dimmable. Currently I still have a push button or switch installed. I am still very flexible.
I have already installed this board: Raspberry Pi Hat (Kopie) | PeKaWay

  • PI4 on which the software runs
  • a Mosfetboard with 8 channels, which can be controlled by the relayboard.
    The whole software is open source and can be changed.
    The dimming would currently be done via a web interface or at a touch screen. However, I find this a bit impractical when, for example, you come into the van and want to turn on the lights.

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