Limited memory in ACI for running Node-Red Dashboard nodes

This question is very much related to my previous question on running Node-Red in an ACI.
(Deployed flow in Azure Container Instances disappears)

I am now able to deploy Node-Red to any ACI, and having the deployed flow saved using Azure File Share as a mapped Docker volume. Using Docker Integration Azure CLI I did it using a command like:

docker run -p 1880:1880 -v demobundlestorageaccount/nr-test-volume:/data --domainname iotdemobundle --name noderedinstance nodered/node-red

using the demobundlestorageaccount storage account with the file share nr-test-volume in it.

The Node-Red instance then runs as intended on port 1880.

The problem occurs when I try to download dashboard nodes using the Palette Manager.

When trying to install node-red-dashboard, the install chews away and then returns an error.

It seems like the node/container/x is lacking memory, which is weird since the max ACI size is 15 GB (as I understand it). This is part of the log:

2020-12-22T23:34:51.318Z [err] nospc
2020-12-22T23:34:51.318Z [err] ENOTSUP: operation not supported on socket, symlink '../mime/cli.js' -> '/data/node_modules/.bin/mime'
2020-12-22T23:34:51.318Z [err] npm
2020-12-22T23:34:51.318Z [err]
2020-12-22T23:34:51.318Z [err] ERR!
2020-12-22T23:34:51.318Z [err]
2020-12-22T23:34:51.318Z [err] nospc
2020-12-22T23:34:51.319Z [err] There appears to be insufficient space on your system to finish.
2020-12-22T23:34:51.319Z [err] npm
2020-12-22T23:34:51.319Z [err]
2020-12-22T23:34:51.319Z [err] ERR!
2020-12-22T23:34:51.319Z [err]
2020-12-22T23:34:51.319Z [err] nospc
2020-12-22T23:34:51.319Z [err] Clear up some disk space and try again.
2020-12-22T23:34:51.420Z [err]
2020-12-22T23:34:51.420Z [err] npm
2020-12-22T23:34:51.421Z [err]
2020-12-22T23:34:51.421Z [err] ERR!
2020-12-22T23:34:51.421Z [err] A complete log of this run can be found in:
2020-12-22T23:34:51.421Z [err] npm
2020-12-22T23:34:51.421Z [err]
2020-12-22T23:34:51.421Z [err] ERR!
2020-12-22T23:34:51.421Z [err] /data/.npm/_logs/2020-12-22T23_34_51_322Z-debug.log
2020-12-22T23:34:51.429Z rc=161

Do you have any idea on why this occurs and how to remedy it?

Grateful for all comments on the matter.

It isn't memory that you are lacking but the ability to add to the filing system I think. Are you sure that the /data filing system is actually writable?

Not 100%.

It seems like the flows are persisted, they were still there after a full restart of the ACI.
Without the managed volume they would have been swiped, right?

But, anyway, I guess I should check the Azure Storage Account folders somehow?

The neverending "fun" that is Docker :slight_smile:

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