Limits of MQTT or Node Red UI Dashboard?

Hello folks,

I have been using MQTT AWS nodes to send 50/60 signals to the node UI Dashboard. I have each topic going to one UI display function/ ie a text display or number display.

Issue is that certain topics data stop showing up on the UI. The topics are still connected through MQTT fine but I can`t figure out if this is a restriction in MQTT server or if this is too many UI dashboards reading at one?

Is this something anyone else has came across?

Thank you

I don't think it is either of those.

  1. If you refresh the browser does the data appear?

  2. If not, then if you connect a debug node showing what is going to a failing ui node does it keep showing the data? If not then show us what appears in the debug node and how you have configured the display node. Make sure the debug node shows what is going to the node, not something earlier in the flow.

  3. Does the browser response slow down when it isn't working right?

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