Line chart date value is messed up

Im changing the values for line chart, ymin and ymax works fine. but when i use xformat to change the y axis, things start to mess up. User can change the formats HH:mm:ss and HH:mm but when i use Day :HH:mm and Date/Month i get a wierd format

Picture here :

does anyone know why ?

How exactly are you setting those ? You need to use moment templates as per link in info bar

I use, msg.ui.control = {"ymin":ymin} in a function that sends data to the linechart node

This is not correct in any terms.
To send options to chart node the property name is ui_control.
Read carefully this document to understand how the runtime configuration change works for dashboard elements . node-red-dashboard/ at master · node-red/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

i intended to write msg.ui_control. all the other functions work great. just not the Day/Month and Day HH:mm

If you use ui_control you have to use the moment template style

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