Link Alexa to Node-Red

I am trying to link Amazon Alexa to Node-Red with node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel (GitHub - bbindreiter/node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel: Node-Red Nodes for interacting with Alexa) following this example: Alexa-Applestrudel (formerly Cakebaked formerly Remote2) - Scargill's Tech Blog

Unfortunately I cannot access the IP under port 3456 as instructed:

The browser says "website not available"

Anybody managed to set this up? (or something similar)

I just installed this a few hours ago on a new machine

Is the ip address of the machine actually running node red?

Is it filled in correctly on the config (mine is


try typing in (if not doing that already)

Yes, Node-Red ist running on a raspberry with the IP I used the link you provided. Still the same problem.

These are the properties:

I am using docker and portainer. I read that that might be a problem. I guess I somehow need to publish the port 3456. Searching...

You need to expose the port then, go to the published ports and add 3456

Or you can set the port in the alexa config to an exposed/open port of your choice, then use that port in the url.

It worked. Couldn't find it at first. Could add it after clicking on "edit". :slight_smile:

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