LINK nodes.... Viability question

I'm just wondering.

Say I have a link out node going to other flows. Or more so for this question: To another flow at multiple locations.

That is:
on the other flow there are several link in nodes which link back to the link out node.

Is that any better than having only one link in node and then linking its outputs to the other parts of the flow, or having multiple link in nodes which are closer to where I want them?

Other than aesthetics?

Because I am guessing that if I have only one link in node and link it to the other points on the flow, it is not much (if any) difference than having multiple link in nodes scattered around that flow.
It is just they are at a different point of perspective - yes?

From a visibility POV, I'd say 1 link in conned to several items is slightly more obvious. But operationally, I think there is little to no difference (msg cloning will still occur) and unless you are pushing hardware to the limits and attempting to claw back some precious CPU cycles, my advice would be go with what you think is most readable/maintainable.

To summarize, you are likely doing the "right thing" already. :+1:

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But if you find a way to test it, do let us know because it would be interesting indeed to be able to see whether it made a difference to memory and CPU.

I don't think it could make any difference because at the end of the day, as mentioned:
it has to happen anyway.
It is just where it happens.