List of all active devices

how can I get a list of all active devices from my FB?

I have seen "payload["NewX_AVM-DE_HostListPath"]" and also got such a HostListPath.
a) I am not sure this the right approach
b) I don't know what to do with this path - if it is the right approach!

Sorry, but what is this FB of which you speak?

By "FB" he means Fritz!Box, an internet router from AVM - popular in Germany mostly.

You could use the FritzBox nodes to query your router. That should get you started.

@kuema I already use the node-red-contrib-fritz since some years.
Unfortunately I was not able to find a documentation about the services and related actions to be selected there and what to do with them.
Some I found out by try-and-error myselfe. But I hopes someon could give me a quick help to finde the right service/action and some follow up steps to do.

Meanwhile I found out how to process the HostListPath. I am now working on the next step to process the xml and the array from the output.

Thanks for help anyway!

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Unfortunately, it's lots of trial and error with those UPNP endpoints. Had a lot of "fun" with it myself.

I believe I saw the device list endpoint at some point, so it should be available via upnp in general.

A good source of information is the BoxMatrix wiki.

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