Loading newly installed nodes without restarting node-red server?

I found that when installing new nodes, the dashboard won't know about the new nodes unless we restart the Node-RED server.

Is there a way to "live-inject" nodes into a running Node-RED session?

If you install using the palette manager then a restart is not necessary for most nodes.

Hi Colin, what about custom nodes that live on the local machine?

For custom nodes, use npm pack to generate a tgz then
use the upload tgz button found on newer versions of node-red in the palette manager.

Thanks! That's good to know. However,
will that "upload tgz" upload the nodes as a module to the remote npm server?
I'd like to keep it private though.

Not 100% certain what you are asking but I think you are asking will your private node end up on npm for everyone else to see?

The answer is no, it will only upload the tgz file to your node red. If you want to publish your private node for everyone else to use, you would have to do an npm publish command.

Good to know! Thank you.

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