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Red face time, I'm was playing with my old Node-red on a Pi not updated in ages. I saw Influxdb needed updating so I pressed update and discovered it broke it ! no longer working therefore, how can I load an old very old version of Influxdb ?

This node is a type unknown to your installation of Node-RED.

If you deploy with the node in this state, it's configuration will be preserved, but the flow will not start until the missing type is installed.

See the Info side bar for more help

sudo apt install influxdb=x.xxx

Where x.xx is the required version should do the job.
However it's better to solve the problems you have now. At some point in the future you have to upgrade for various reasons.
Maybe you need also update the Influx node in NR?

Thank you, Sorry but ment the NPM Node-red InfluxDB node rather than Influxdb itself. You're right it's on version 0.18.7 :blush: from way back. I'm slowly transfering over to a new system on Proxmox - Docker/Protainer but this Pi was logging for years until I messed it up.

Do you mean node-red-contrib-influxdb? Which version are you now using? There should be no incompatibility with a previous version. I suspect that you may be misinterpreting the error message.
If you keep backups then can you not just restore your .node-red folder folder from your previous backup?

However, if you want to install an earlier version of the node then for a non docker install, go into your .node-red folder and run
npm install node-red-contrib-influxdb@n.n.n
where n.n.n is the version you want. Then restart node-red.

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Yes, node-red-contrib-influxdb the version I loaded is presumably the latest version 0.6.1 the version I had was a lot older I don't remember the exact version, but now those nodes are dotted outlined 'Unknown: influxdb out'. I may have a back up though. I like the docker version as it's very fast at rebooting just a few seconds rather than may be a minute on the 'old' Pi2.

The idea is to have one machine replacing 2 or 3 pi's doing separate tasks over time

Fixed it !, I restored an old backup of node-red-contrib-influxdb - it's version 0.2.1 - phew that was close :grinning:

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Thanks Colin for your help. :beers:

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