Lock dashboard when somebody else is using it


Is there a possibility to lock (ex. show some window text box on the screen) dashboard screen when somebody else is using it actually ( connected from diffrent IP)?

Thank you in advance for help,


I'm not going to say I know the answer, but there is a way you could do it.

Say you are using the dashboard on machine1 which has its own IP address.
You want to change what someone else sees when they are using another machine.
(Basically NOT machine1 and a different IP address.)

One way is that you give them a link to a different screen than the one you use/see.
This will also mean you need to edit what is shown in the menu list (top left) of the GUI screen.

Then, unless they know the exact name of the other screens: they are pretty well stuck looking at that dashboard.

You can use the ui-control node of the dashboard. This sends a message when a new session is created or an existing is closed/loss. When yo keep track on the session ids then you can either send a message to this, all other or all dashboards. Or even make your flow capable of multi sessions.

I misunderstood how ui-control works. Thank you @Christian-Me for pointing me to the solution. I haven't written a working code yet, but I know which way to go. Thanks!