Log data to Google sheet offline

Is it possible to write data to Google gsheet in offline mode. Thanks

Ignoring node-red for the moment, is it possible to write to google sheets in the browser when offline?

Well on an Android Tablet in aeroplane mode (i.e. no internet) a sheet can be locally modified and do calculations. If Google Sheets is closed on the Tablet, the next time the Tablet connects to the internet the sheet is updated in the cloud even though Google Sheets is not open on the Tablet. That this is the case can be determined by viewing Google Sheets on a PC. Hope this answers your question.

This is exactly what I am looking for. When no internet, log to local Google sheet in offline mode and restoration sync to online.

Without looking into this, I would say you are out of luck.

I am fairly certain it is not possible. You could of course log the data to a memory cache or file if you have no internet connection. Once internet is available, the data could be unspooled from the cache to the sheet via the online APIs (aka the existing node-red contrib nodes)

I should point out that I was using the Google Sheets app on the Android device. I would not expect it to work if the Google Sheets were being accessed via a Browser and the Browser being closed down before device goes on line again.

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