Login in several levels

I have created a node-red program, which I am considering running via a remote server. The program is scalable and can be used by several customers.
Therefore, I want to make a breakdown, so that customers can check their facility, but do not have the opportunity to see the program of another customer.
I then think about whether it is possible to have a login setup, where I want my 3 level of login, as possible.
The idea is as follows.
Level 1 programmer (I), who has access to everything.
Level 2 Super user to customer, who can access all of the customer's facilities. The user should be able to make minor changes to values ​​etc. at all its facilities
Level 3 User, who has access to given facilities. The user must be able to read values. start and stop processes and reset errors.

I imagine that when I log in, I can have a menu with the customers' names, for example.
When I choose a customer, I get all the facilities for the customer.
I can go in to check and make changes to all the facilities.

Super user logs in and gets all the facilities he has.
The person in question can then choose which facility he wants to enter. He can change values ​​there, eg temperature from 20 to 25 degrees.

The user logs in and then gets the facilities he can check (Under superuser). (There can be several facilities or just one).
Here the person can read, for example, temperatures, switch off a function (eg heat) or reset an alarm due to high temperature.

Is this possible to achieve?

This really isn't Node-RED's core strength. If you want multi-tenanted environments, there are certainly people who have done that and offer it as a service but it isn't core to Node-RED and you could argue, shouldn't be.

The easy approach for your use would be to spin up instances of Node-RED dedicated to those customers. This can be done several ways simply by creating and running different instances directly right through to using Docker.

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