Looking for AWS node

I am looking for an AWS node and found this one node-red-contrib-aws (node) - Node-RED. It has not been updated for long time, is it still good? Are there any other good AWS node?

May I suggest you look in the library.


And type aws into the search field and see what you get.

Thanks. That's where I find the above library, which has most of the download, however it has not been updated for a while. I am asking if anyone has experience and can recommend a good one.

I saw a hand full of aws nodes.

How about you try some of the others?

One of three pages.

yeah. most of them are just ONE service. was looking for a relative complete and up to date one.

I tested publish SNS with the node I mentioned in the first post, it didn't work for sending text message to phone number. I believe it was using old version of AWS api and it didn't support phone text.