Code review for newish plugin

I'm close to publishing a new plugin, but would like a code review for common mistakes, since this is my first one. Please take a look and provide feedback.


My first comment is that the readme should say what the node is for, and how to install and use it. It is impossible to do a code review without knowing what it is supposed to do and how to use it.


My apologies @Colin. Your feedback was the best I could have gotten, as I completely forgot the docs! :smiley:

If you have some time, feel free to review the plugin now that I've added a lot more to the Readme.

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I am sorry but the readme still doesn't give me much idea about what the node does our how to use it. Is the use of the letters aws in the name significant?

I assume aws means Amazon Web Services..... but any is a bit general - Does it really handle them all ? as amazon do have a lot of api for different services. They even have a gateway to help users access all their other ones.. eg Is this a gateway node ?
Still no idea what this node does though.

You should be able to use any API listed here:

If you have a second, I've added more verbiage, some screenshots, and example flows. The questions I have are around these points:

  • Node-RED anti-patterns
  • Should I have 2 outputs: 1 for success and 1 for errors or let the catch node handle errors as the examples are doing?
  • Is Node-RED signaled properly when send is invoked within the script?
  • Is the aws-sdk-any node backwards compatible with previous versions prior to v1?

@dceejay I'm not sure what a Gateway node is, can you point me to some docs, so I can read up on them?