Aws-sdk package giving isse

I have node-red version v1.3.5 installed on the ubuntu(1804) server with node version: v10.22.1.
I have added few packages in my settings.js file and starting the node red using pm2.
few packages such as:
built" : require(""),
"lodash" : require("lodash"),
"moment": require("moment-timezone"),
"pubnub" : require("pubnub"),
"axios" : require("axios"),
"request" : require("request"),
// "aws-sdk" : require('aws-sdk'),

The issue is when i try to start the node red process, its give me below error:
0|node-red | Error loading settings file: /root/.node-red/settings.js
0|node-red | Error: Cannot find module 'jmespath'
PM2 | App [node-red:0] exited with code [0] via signal [SIGINT]
PM2 | App [node-red:0] starting in -fork mode-
PM2 | App [node-red:0] online

But when i remove the line "aws-sdk" : require('aws-sdk'), from setting.js, it is resolved.
But then that functionality is not working.

Can someone help me in this?

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