Looking for consultants for Node-RED in financial services (Finshape is hiring)

Ive been personally using Node-RED for years. Its been so great technology and the community around it that I decided to use it also in business. We've been using Node-RED within our digital platform DBOS (Digital Bank OS) for the orchestration of services and as a service/data integration platform.
Our customers are banks mainly in EMEA and we run large projects with them for years. As we grow significantly year-on-year, we've been looking for new consultants who has experience with Node-RED (not necessary in banking :slight_smile: ).
The company is headquartered in Prague/Czechia. Our teams are located across the entire Central Europe (Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania). We pursue a hybrid working model with people onsite, as well as remote.

Is there any Node-RED lover open for new opportunities within finance?

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Hi Petr,
Please kindly send a test mail to josekavunkal@gmail.com.


Please be careful splattering your contact / email details all over the forums.

I have seen it posted twice this week, so would a lot of web crawlers!

Use PMs to communicate any info you prefer not to be known publicly!


gmail has a good spam filter ....

Hey, i've been using nodeRED for quite a lot of stuff. Fell in love with it when a friend of mine from Seattle showed it to me in 2020.

So far i've built startups with nodered, bending it, augmenting its core, embedding it and doing all kinds of stuff in a lot of niches. Currently having a lot of free time that i planned on spending playing around and working with nodeRED. Would love to see if i could help you out and if you're interested in it. My github link is here: Madjarx (Luka Radisavljevic) · GitHub

You should find some nodered contrib repos there but also some of my previous work and links to my profiles elsewhere (linkedin for example). I also hold EU citizenship and reside within EU.

Hi @Madjarx, we've been setting the team up currently. We have a big demand (projects) in 2024 across EMEA and looking in principle for two profiles:

  • Node-RED expert who can provide the support to the consulting team; he/she will be especially developing new nodes to be used by other technical consultants
  • technical consultant/analyst, who shall talk to a customer, with the knowledge of our platform (will be trained by our company), he/she will analyse their systems a design data flows of the integration. There are typically different technologies used (API, MoM, Kafka) and different patterns (pub/sub, online, async etc.). His/her goal is to develop integrations using Node-RED.

We have enterprise Node-RED infrastructure in place, where we deploy dozens of Node-RED instances within Kubernetes cluster, each of them being an independent micro-service responsible for specific integration flows.

Which role would better fit to your experience and preference?

Hey @petrpko , thanks for reaching out.

Would it be okay if we took this conversation to the private messages here on the platform?

Hi Petr,
Having worked on some challenging Node-RED implementations in the past, I would be interested in this opportunity.
You can reach out to me on my email here