How can I hire a Node Red Consultant who has the code-level architecture view?

I am tasked to see if Node Red a good fit in one of product offering, and I'd like to pay a consultant for 1-2 hours initial consulting exploration and then go deeper if needed.

Is there any Slack channel or any place that I can find such resource?

You should check out We were founded by the creators of Node-RED to provide an Enterprise platform + services for professional Node-Red deployments.

Just sent you a message.

I worked in Node-ned for more than 10 years by now. Please reach me at .

Done many projects using Node-red.

Thanks and Regards, Jose

Uhhh tbh you're prolly gonna get a lot of agencies and freelancers spamming you but i guess what you're looking for is someone that is overall a good developer / has experience and knows why / how something is done in programming

I guess nodeRED is a side skill there cus its relatively easy to pickup, youd need a day or two tops to figure it out and relate the usual practices and witty-witts from the general software development with nodeRED