Looking for Node- Red Developer

Hi All,

I am looking for node-red developers in Sydney or Melbourne for a 12-month contract. This position is for one of the largest consulting companies in the world.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Node Red developer with Network knowledge to work on Network Automations
  • Previous working experience as a Node.js Developer for (x) years.
  • In depth knowledge of Node.js
  • Development experience designing object-oriented JavaScript and SVG.
  • Applicable knowledge of web libraries and frameworks such as AngularJS, Polymer, and Closure
  • Familiarity with the whole web stack, including protocols and web server optimization techniques

Please contact Savita at sshankar@paxus.com.au for more details.

Really, would a developer with THAT knowledge and experience go for just a 12 month contract???

This is an initial contract for 12 months so it can potentially get extended upto 3 years. It is a long term project.

Why not, if you are a freelancer it could be interesting to work for a year at the other side of the world for a good pay check.

Have to be an extremely good paycheque to get me on a plane in the current environment !

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Means you should hopefully already be there??? Right?
I thought it would be extremely unlikely to find someone with SUCH knowledge just hanging around, most likely he/she is already employed or key expert at some other consultancy company. But I might be wrong

There are several companies around "linking" you experts with clients, making pretty good profit in between. Myself talking from experience. Sounds good in the beginning but after a while, well.

If you don't ask, you don't get.
Yes, of course...

That's no reason not to ask. If you don't ask, you don't get.

I'm going to close this topic - if anyone is in a position to take up @Savita's offer, you can use the email address they have provided.