Looking for Node-RED Consultants for IoT Project

Hi everyone!

I work for a German chemical company. In one of our projects we are working on the digitalization of research laboratories using IoT technologies. We use NodeRED which is hosted as a Docker container in the cloud to communicate with the laboratory devices, process the sensor data and generate MQTT topics. We now want to roll out our development to several dozen laboratories and are in the process of transitioning from a prototype to a production-ready scalable solution.

We are currently trying to determine which steps are necessary to fulfill these requirements and we are also not sure whether NodeRED can address the increased requirements regarding e.g. scalability, high availability, security monitoring, logging, CICD etc.

For this reason, we are looking for an expert who has experience with above-mentioned requirements and who can look at our solution and advise us on our task. What we basically want to know is if NodeRED is the right tool for us and if yes, what kind of necessary changes do we need to make to have a production-ready scalable solution.

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Hi, there are professional offerings already out there that have already solved many of the issues you would likely hit on your road & they that could save you much cost in the way of developement time and efforts.

One such offering is the company I work for:

If you are interested, @zackwasli could setup a chat and hear out your requirements.

Thanks @Steve-Mcl .

Hi @npn - would be happy to discuss and see where we could help. For context, FlowFuse was created by the founders of Node-RED to solve many of the issues you've raised around security, reliability, scalability and delivery.

Here is a link to find time: https://meetings-eu1.hubspot.com/flowfuse/sales

Hope to chat soon,