Node-Red scalability

Hello guys !

I'm working on an IoT project, and i'm planning to use NODE-RED for prototyping.

But i think thad with Node-Red, I would be limited in scalability for my testing.

What do you guys think about it ? Did you encounter the same problem ? Do you have some ideas about how to scale Node-Red ?

Thank you so much for your answers !!

Scalability in what sense? That is a very generic topic and hard to provide any real advice.

There have also been a number of discussions under theme in the past - worth searching the forum rather than having to retread all the same comments again.

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Thank you so much for your reply.

I meant to simulate the behavior of hundreds of thousands if IoT objects, with global coherence, requireing an horizontal scalability.

What would you do in that case ?

I would pay for an industrial scale solution.


Do you know some paid scale solutions for fast IoT prototyping (using NodeRed) ?

You don't prototype at scale. First prototype. Worry about scale later.


Yes, but in my opinion, you need to test the viability of your IoT project before you go to market. That's why, i'm trying to find a solution to fast prototyping AND testing a hundreds of thousands IoT systems, using NodeRed.

You're going to build hundreds of thousands to find out if it's viable? That makes no sense.

Node red quite obviously isn't something you would package into a product to sell at scale. Node red is a digital playground. An ideal platform to sort out whether your idea will work or not, and how.

Build one or two with node red. Take them around and find out if the product is viable. If it is, you can, in a way, export your code to another platform, which may be better for scaling out.

If you really want to go from prototype to product without changing platforms, look at