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We're currently developing a fleet management system, consisting of two main components: a backend software and a device installed in the target vehicle, which runs on Linux. This device gathers data from the vehicle's sensors, processes this data, and transmits valuable insights to the backend using wireless connections like cellular or WiFi.

Our goal is to empower the fleet operators by providing them an option of creating a visual workflow with the gathred info using a web-based editor. Once the workflow is ready, it will be deployed to the edge device as a file and executed.

I am looking for reference from someone, who developed a project where he generated the workflow on the server and executed it on Linux-based device.

Can you help me with the contact?

Hello Igor, welcome to the forum.

What is the nature of the workflow that will be deployed to the fleet - pickup/dropoff schedules?

What hardware is available in the vehicles to execute the workflow?

Do you envisage uploads daily or more frequently?

I've done similar work in the energy sector as well as when I was working for Tesla. I am available to be said contact, reach out to me if you are interested.

In my previous roles, I've successfully implemented projects in the energy sector and contributed to projects involving generating workflows on a server and executing them on Linux-based devices (android). My expertise lies in creating seamless integration between backend systems and edge devices, enabling efficient data gathering, processing, and transmission for enhanced fleet management.

I am more than willing to be the contact you're looking for. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if you'd like to discuss your project in more detail. I look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you.

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Basically we generate the flow only once before the installation of the device. The standard flow would be - process the data from one or more sensors (fuel rate, speed, air flow etc.), apply some functions on this data, and report the result to the backend.

The Linux backend in the vehcile is a propritry designed box, with a processing power approximatelly similar to Rasberry Pi 4. Thanks.

Really apreciate it. Can you share your email or phone, please?

Hi @Traktor7
Are your boxes internet connected?

If so, this sounds like a perfect fit for FlowFuse.
FlowFuse • Bespoke, flexible, and resilient manufacturing applications

FlowFuse is a central editor, where you can deploy the flow to remote devices, this allows for updates later, after the devices have been deployed also!

@Steve-Mcl ?


Hey @marcus-j-davies you are correct. Thanks for the nod. I have literally just mentioned this thread to the team.

Hopefully someone will pop in or contact the OP and @HaroldPetersInskipp - I believe it would be a perfect fit for this.


definatelly yes.

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Thanks Steve.

Hi all - Zack from FlowFuse here. Thanks for the background and we'd be happy to discuss. Here is a meeting link for anyone interested to see how FlowFuse works: https://meetings-eu1.hubspot.com/flowfuse/book-a-demo

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