Lost the Pallet manager

Running NR on a Ubuntu system (X86 cpu) and I've just noticed I don't have pallet manager in my menu - I've been running NR for a coupe of years on the same computer and I've not had this problem before - any suggestions?

Usually happens when npm is not installed. What does npm -v show?

it shows V10.5.0 and then it goes on to say "it's known not to run on JS V14 .........." and a lot of other blurb

What does node -v show?

And do you have nvm or n or any other node version manager installed?

it shows 14.21.3

not sure about nvm, how do I check

You really should be on v18 at minimum. 14 is end of life (unsupported) as is 16.

Did you install a version manager?

Enter nvm
Enter n
Do you get anything?

Both options return command not found

There is your answer.

What about n & nvm?

Sorry. I misread your response.

I recommend updating everything

I don't understand what you mean - what about it? It appears they are not installed.
Anyway I looks as though I'll have to try and update everything, not sure how to do that but I expect I can Goggle it. I'll back up all my flows first
Thanks for your help Steve

I think our replies crossed

@Tanglefoot ^

I recommend you update using the official script & add --node18 to the end of the command.

Ok, thanks. I'll give it a go once I've done the backups
With my experience with Linux I expect the air will turn blue :joy:

Thanks again for your help

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