Major update to Twitter node coming


Regarding the changes in the Twitter API, If the tweet is longer than 160 characters the twitter input node returns a truncated msg.tweet.text and msg.tweet.truncated is true.

Just a few tweets includes an extended_tweet object with the full text and entities.

Could you update the node and include the extended param to get the full tweet by default?

In the other hand, receiving your direct messages option is broken, you don't receive any DMs.

Thanks in advance


DMs are working for me, they do take a while to come through though thanks to Twitters new API.


I'm getting Error: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden, If I change or revoke the permissions I get Error: HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized, So I don't think is a permission issue, any idea?
btw, I can send DM's and get public content.


Sounds as if you still have the Access Tokens in place that don't include the Access Direct Messages option.

On the "Keys and Access Tokens" tab, Under "Your Access Token" check the Access Level thats selected and that these are the Tokens and Secret that you have used.

The Access Token and Access Token Secret change dependant on the options selected.