Updating existing nodes



I went to update my twitter node (after upgrading to 0.19.1) using Pallette Manager but it says its in use and won't let me upgrade.

I googled and found this page

so I launched cmd (I'm on win10 - navigated to my .node-red folder and typed

npm outdated

And it just gave me

c:\Users\Simon\.node-red>npm outdated
Package                   Current  Wanted  Latest  Location
node-red-contrib-blockly    0.0.1     git     git  node-red-project
node-red-node-sqlite        0.3.0   0.3.2   0.3.2  node-red-project

What should I try next?


Do the next bit of the instructions on the page you linked to...
To re-install the latest node version you can then run:

to update those 2 nodes

The others should have been upgraded as part of moving to v0.19.1


I've found the error.....
I forgot to refresh my browser after the upgrade .....

.....walks away very sheepishly .......