Cannot update version to node

Hi everyone,
Sometimes, I have a problem when I publish (update) my node to But I don't see change on
For example: (version 0.0.2) (version 0.0.4) (version 0.0.8) (version 0.0.9)

I have sent a mail to the group npm and request refresh my package, but I don't see the update on my Flow


Just add it again.

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Thanks, I resolved it

Sorry, sir,
Although I see to changed version 0.0.9 on But in node-red, I only see this node with the old version (0.0.8).

have you refreshed [f5] node red in browser?


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Thanks, I cleared cached and see that

Hi @taminhhienmor

you should have seen this post pinned to the forum: How to add/update nodes to the Flow Library

That explains the new way to refresh nodes - to request the refresh via the node's page.

Who did you email exactly? I didn't see anything, nor did we see any requests for the nodes to be refreshed via the node's page on the Flow Library.

I've received a mail when I public node. They said to me when I have questions, I can send them to email

@taminhhienmor for future reference, the npm organisation have nothing to do with the Node-RED flow library. If a node is up to date on npm, but not on the flow library, then there is literally nothing npm can do about that for you.

As I hope you now understand, you are able to request a refresh on the flow library directly on the flow library itself.

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