My contrib node is gone from

I'm the author of @meowwolf/node-red-contrib-amqp and after updating it this week it's just gone from site. resolves to a 404.

It also doesn't appear when I try to search for it on the site.

It's on npm:

Has anything changed recently with how nodes get published to the flows site?


the flow library no longer automatically detects new versions - you have to go to the node's page, login via the github link in the top and then click the 'request refresh' link in the sidebar.

I can see you did that this morning - unfortunately at that time the npm registry was experiencing an outage and returning bad data for a number of scoped modules. This led the flow library to think your module no longer had a stable version published and it got removed.

I've just rerun the update and your node is back -

For future reference, to add a new node to the library, following the guide here:

Wonderful. I see it now. Thanks a lot for the quick action on this @knolleary!

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